CAN YOU HELP?     Our Young Equestrians are starting a new project with the charity 'Bearly Loved' where they need to collect teddy bears plus £3.50 per bear which then will be sent......

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    If you're feeling a bit nervous or haven't ridden for a while or simply want to improve your riding skills, then have a lesson on our fabulous simulator!   A private half hour, one......

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    10th April 2016

    MOUNTED GAMES  SESSIONS   Every other Friday (next session 6th May)   Time 6.30pm-8pm   Cost only £20 per session     Mounted Games is: Fun, Fast, Fantastic     If you want to......

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  • BHS Riding & Road Safety Course

      BHS RIDING & ROAD SAFETY COURSE     The course, which will be delivered by Jenny Zacharek, will commence on Wednesday May 11th at 6.30pm-9pm and will last for 5 weeks with the exam taking......

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  • British Horse Society Course PRT Course

    BHS Progressive Riding Tests- Knowledge, Care and Riding       Every Tuesday Night  Time 6pm-8pm     Roll on Roll off weekly courses £25 per week for a 2 hour session which includes one......

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    SUMMER PONY CAMP    Start organising you Summer Holidays!   ‘SLEEPOVER AT CARRINGTON RIDING CENTRE’ INCLUDES 4 NIGHTS ACCOMODATION & ALL FOOD!   1st- 5th August inc 22nd-26th August inc Ride and look after......

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  • Nervous, returning or Beginner Adult Riders- This is for you!

    NEW COURSES FOR NERVOUS OR RETURNING ADULT RIDERS Join our 'Take Back The Reins' Course on: Sunday 8th May at 2pm-3.30pm  or Thursday 5th May at 7pm-8.30pm The course will cover both riding and horse care and management and......

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  • Parent & Child Group Lesson

    Every Sunday at 1pm

    Ever fancied having a go? Come and ride with your child for half an hour for just £13 each! Suitable for beginners or just off the lead riders!   Every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm......

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