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Posted on 9th June 2017


The course consists of  8 sessions

Suitable for Beginners and Just Off The Lead Riders

Suitable for aged 3-11 year olds

Only £20 for an hour’s session

(Payment Required in advance for 8 sessions)

which includes 30 mins riding and 30 mins safety & stable management training

Every Saturday at 4pm-5pm

We have so many ‘mini’ riders that are horse mad, we have decided to provide a ‘specially designed’ course that will

encourage your little one to understand the importance of being safe around ponies as well as learning to ride correctly.

This course will be made up 30 min safety & care management sessions and a 30 min progressive riding lesson.

On completion of the course, all members will received a special rosette and certificate in recognition of passing the course.

Please note a parent is required to lead if their child is a beginner.

Items that will be covered include:

Stable Management Categories


How to be safe around a pony

How to lead a pony

How to put a head collar on a pony

How to put a pony in a stable

How to turn a pony out into the field

How to feed a pony

How to Groom a pony

How to pick out a pony’s foot

Riding  Categories

  Mounting & Dismounting

Start, Stop & Steer

Changes of Rein

Rising Trot

Sitting Trot

Circles –Walk

Walk & Trot No Stirrups

Trot Diagonals

Please call 0161 969 5853 for more info or to book