Our Values and mission statement:

“To provide an excellent standard of affordable tuition with a classical approach from the start…”

  • Carrington Riding Centre is committed to making horses and riding accessible to the whole community. We offer opportunities to volunteers of all ages to develop in confidence and skills whilst helping others.Our Values:
  • We provide outstanding equestrian training. Commercial riding lessons provide the focus for all other activities and enable us to support those most in need.We also engage with vulnerable young people and adults, raising their aspirations and helping them to feel positively about themselves and their futures.By choosing to ride with us you can not only have a fantastic time, learn valuable skills whilst keeping fit but you will also be helping all sectors of the community.



Cancellation Policy


To allow us to maintain our low prices, a strict cancellation policy is ALWAYS adhered to:

All lessons must be paid for in advance. Once booked a refund cannot be made.

GROUP LESSONS OR HACKS: 24 hours notice must be given if the lesson is required to move to another time. If less than 24 hours notice is given, the lesson cannot be transferred or refunded.

PRIVATE LESSONS OR HACKS: Once the lesson or hack or booked and paid for, we CANNOT cancel, refund or transfer the lesson.

It is important that you read and are fully aware of the conditions before riding at Carrington Riding Centre.


For more information call the Centre on: 0161 969 5853



Terms & Conditions


Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the planned start time of your/your child’s lesson.  If you arrive late for a lesson, you will NOT be allowed to join the lessons and you will still be charged.


Please ensure the rider wears suitable clothing ie Long trousers, long sleeved top, shoe or boots with a small square heel. Trainers are NOT suitable. We will supply a safety hat for every rider. Watches and jewellery should be removed before riding.


All riders must wear a riding hat approved to current standard whenever participating in riding activities. While leading, mounting/dismounting and riding, hats should be securely fastened at all times. If the rider does not have their own hat, Carrington Riding Centre has appropriate hats available.





The time for each lesson is inclusive of the time spent mounting and dismounting and checking rider’s stirrups and girths.


A responsible person is required to lead a child participating in a lead rein lesson. The Centre cannot provide leaders. Leaders must wear full, flat shoes suitable for a soft sand surface. For health and safety reasons open-toed shoes are not to be worn.


Parents are not permitted in the arena at any other time unless at the request of the instructor in charge.


Clients are requested not to bring dogs to the Centre unless left comfortably in cars.


Please do not feed the Horse & Ponies, dogs or cat that live at the Centre.


The minimum age for riders is two.


Please note that although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that you will have a specific instructor or horse/pony for your lesson.


The maximum weight for riders is 13 stone (riders will  be weighed at our discretion).


It is important that you read and are fully aware of the conditions before riding at Carrington Riding Centre.



For more information call the Centre on: 0161 969 5853

Carrington Riding Centre